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Emma Thompson: Audrey Hepburn couldn't act

Emma Thompson has claimed Audrey Hepburn couldn't sing or act and was "fantastically twee".

The Nanny McPhee actress, who recently received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, is writing the screenplay for a remake of My Fair Lady, the 1964 film which starred the Oscar-winning Tinseltown great as Eliza Doolittle.

"I thought that there needs to be a new version; I'm not hugely fond of the film, I find Audrey Hepburn fantastically twee - twee is whimsy without wit, it's mimsy-mumsy sweetness without any kind of bite, and that's not for me... She can't sing and she can't really act," she told the Hollywood Reporter.

She added: "I'm sure she was a delightful woman - and perhaps if I had known her I would have enjoyed her acting more, but I don't and I didn't. I don't do Audrey Hepburn - I think that she's a guy thing."

Audrey won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe and a Bafta for her performance in 1953's Roman Holiday, and also scooped a Tony gong for Ondine the following year.

Emma plans to give the story a feminist makeover and isn't worried about upsetting fans.

Carey Mulligan is in talks to play Eliza, while Hugh Grant and Rupert Everett were linked to the role of Professor Henry Higgins.

"Fans of the original won't want another one to be made - and honestly, one has to just cope with that," she said.


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