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Emmerdale fans exasperated as Megan gets away with causing Eric’s coma car crash

Viewers thought it was obvious she was behind the near-fatal pile-up.

Chris Chittell plays Eric Pollard (Ian West/PA)
Chris Chittell plays Eric Pollard (Ian West/PA)

Emmerdale viewers were left exasperated after the villagers failed to discover who was really responsible for Eric Pollard’s car crash – despite the clues being right in front of them.

Wednesday night’s episode saw Megan Macey (Gaynor Faye) slam into the back of Jamie Tate’s (Alexander Lincoln) car, causing it to hit Pollard and send him flying.

But despite Macey, who was using her phone at the time, being behind the crash, the police blamed Tate.

Viewers were left at a loss as to why Tate seemed unable to tell anyone he had in fact been shunted into Pollard (Chris Chittell).

“Why is no one mentioning that Megan running into the back of Jamie is what caused him to hit Eric!?” asked one fan of the show.

“SOMEONE speak some sense in this programme and put the villagers straight!”

Others thought it odd that Jamie had not noticed Megan ramming into him.

They said: “Ummm but surely Jamie would have noticed Megan’s car ramming into him and how that shoved him into Eric.”

One observant viewer was surprised as to how the police had identified who actually caused the crash.

They said: “I’m sorry to moan about emmerdale but don’t the writers think that if Megan’s car hit Jamie’s which caused Eric to be run over.

“Seeing Megan’s car being in a mess they would’ve realised that she is to blame and not Jamie. It doesn’t take a scientist to work it out.”

However, most fans were concerned only with whether Pollard would emerge from his coma.

Many were optimistic, thinking Emmerdale’s scriptwriters would not kill off such a well-loved character.

Emmerdale continues on ITV.



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