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Emmerdale viewers baffled by Victoria’s reaction to Adam’s disappearance

She discovered the truth about his whereabouts.


The Woolpack which plays a central role in Emmerdale (ITV/PA)

The Woolpack which plays a central role in Emmerdale (ITV/PA)

The Woolpack which plays a central role in Emmerdale (ITV/PA)

Victoria Barton’s search for her missing husband Adam ended on Thursday night after she discovered he had fled to Budapest with another woman.

Emmerdale viewers were left puzzled by her reaction to the news, which saw her break down crying before moving on to another man within a day.

Adam, to whom she had become estranged, left on a container ship bound for Amsterdam in order to avoid serving a sentence for killing Emma Barton, a crime he did not commit.

Having unsuccessfully hired a private investigator to track Adam down, Victoria’s search hit a brick wall.

However, in an emotional scene she learned from Aaron Dingle that Adam had got in touch with him a few weeks back to say he had taken steps to stop Victoria from contacting him. He also revealed that Adam had met and fallen in love with someone else.

Social media users deemed her behaviour erratic. One wrote: “I’m so puzzled. Vic was moving on and even kissing Matty before she found out the truth. Now she’s heartbroken and upset Adam has moved on.”

Another questioned why Victoria was so attached to Adam despite the fact they were “miserable most of the time” they were together.

They wrote: “Oh my god…. Vic hasn’t seen or spoken to Adam for ages, and when they were together, they were miserable for most of the time.

“Wasn’t that long ago that she was after Matty! You’d think they were Romeo and Juliet the way she’s banging on!”

Other viewers took pity on Victoria, saying she was “drowning in regrets and uncertainty” having had her close friends and family lie to her.

Some suggested viewers should not pity Victoria as the news about Adam’s behaviour was simply punishment for her previous actions.

Emmerdale continues on ITV.