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Emms talks about Snow White appeal

Mirror, Mirror actor Robert Emms has said that the story of Snow White is "timeless".

The British star, who plays servant Renbock in the modern-day adaptation of the Brothers Grimm fairytale, said the classic story will always appeal to many, centuries on from the original 1812 story.

"I think the purity and innocence of the Snow White character is something that young people can relate to. The excitement of the story and the adventure side of it - young people and families love that - and it's a timeless story," he said at the film's Hollywood premiere.

His co-star Lily Collins, who portrays a feistier version of Snow White, admitted she didn't feel the nerves about taking on such an iconic character - until now.

"You know, I didn't feel it until people asked me questions like that and I thought, 'Thank goodness I didn't get them before otherwise I would have been so nervous!' Hopefully it's no pressure, just fun," she said.

Julia Roberts, Armie Hammer and Sean Bean also star in Tarsem Singh's contemporary remake.


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