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Enfield, Mangan to co-star in film?

Harry Enfield and Stephen Mangan are to star in the Comic Strip film It Ends Badly.

Comic Strip founder Peter Richardson said the script had already been written for the film.

He told Digital Spy: "We're about to make a movie, next spring - a Comic Strip movie with Harry Enfield and Stephen Mangan - we will be asking lots of new people to be in that."

He said: "It's about two absolute scoundrels, two rotten scoundrels really, Harry and Steve, who are trying to a make a chick flick.

"They've taken all the money to pay for their mistresses and their drug habits and school fees and everything else.

"They're basically just trying to keep the balls in the air. It's 90 minutes of chaos really."

In 2011, one-off Comic Strip special The Hunt For Tony Blair also starred Stephen and Harry.


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