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Enough Said star hails Gandolfini

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has hailed her new film Enough Said as a celebration of the late James Gandolfini's acting talent.

The Sopranos actor died from a heart attack in June aged 51 after completing work on Nicole Holofcener's film Enough Said.

The charming romantic comedy stars Gandolfini and Louis-Dreyfus as divorced parents who begin dating, despite being wary of commitment given their past failed relationships.

Speaking in Leicester Square as part of the BFI London Film Festival, Louis-Dreyfus confessed: "It's bitter sweet, I really wish that he could be here standing next to me.

"Having said that though, I think this movie is a celebration of his enormous talent and it's really a triumph and a lovely thing for his legacy. I'm so proud to have been in this film with him."

The Veep star plays masseuse Eva who falls for Albert, played by Gandolfini, thanks to his sweet and charming personality. It is a stark contrast to his role as a sociopathic mobster in The Sopranos.

Louis-Dreyfus said: "You can see his abilities were very deep. He was an amazing actor. In fact this part that he plays is much closer to him than Tony Soprano was, in so many ways, which I think will be nice for his fans to see."

Director Holofcener said: "He's incredibly talented and wonderful in the movie and I wish he was here."

Enough Said also stars Toni Collette and Catherine Keener and opens in cinemas on Friday October 18 .


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