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ET named favourite childhood film

A nostalgic nation has voted the 1980s the best decade for films with ET the Extra-Terrestrial taking the top spot as the best-loved childhood movie.

According to a survey, Steven Spielberg, who directed and co-produced the 1982 classic, is also the UK's favourite director.

Action and adventure was the most popular film genre with romance trailing behind comedy and science fiction for preferred viewing.

The poll commissioned to mark the launch of Samsung Smart TV's S Recommendation technology found that the film people couldn't get enough of and voted to watch again and again was The Shawshank Redemption.

And the line: "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" from Gone with the Wind was chosen by one in 10 people as the best film quote.

While tastes may vary, 72% of people chose relaxation and escapism as the reason why they watch movies on average two to four times a month.

If it was easier to find films they liked, 30% of people said they would see more movies and more than a third of people use trial and error to decide what to watch.

The OnePoll survey asked 1,500 people about their favourite films.

Samsung has teamed up with the Rooftop Film Club, The Nomad Cinema and The Luna Cinema to show a range of films across the country this summer:

Childhood film winner ET the Extra-Terrestrial will be screened at a gala event at the Queen of Hoxton, London, on September 10.


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