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Evans approves of Jackson's title

Luke Evans has given his backing to Peter Jackson's decision to change the name of the third Hobbit film.

The New Zealand filmmaker has changed the title of the third and final instalment from There And Back Again to The Battle Of The Five Armies.

"The changing of the title of the film was an important thing of the third film. Peter's reasons for doing that is absolutely right," said the Welsh actor, who will reprise his role as Bard the Bowman in the upcoming sequel.

"When you see the film, you'll understand why he did that," he added.

Luke - who will star alongside Martin Freeman, Sir Ian McKellen, Orlando Bloom and Cate Blanchett in the next film - teased that it will be a fitting end to the trilogy, based on JRR Tolkien's book.

"It's going to be huge, it's epic. We're all very excited about it. It's the final chapter of a very long journey," he said.

While he was happy to discuss The Hobbit, the 35-year-old remained tight-lipped over Fast And Furious 7. He portrayed villain Owen Shaw in the sixth instalment.

However, he hinted that the film, which is rumoured to include appearances by Paul Walker's brothers Caleb and Cody, will be a tribute to the late actor, who died last November.

"You know as much as I do. Our lips are sealed. All we know is what has been announced in the press," he said, adding: "It'll be a wonderful homage to a wonderful guy."

The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies will be released in December, while Fast And Furious 7 will be out in April 2015.


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