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Eve endured comedy trek on film set

Alice Eve has revealed how she was made to keep running on the Star Trek Into Darkness set - so the cast could laugh at her.

The British actress - the latest recruit of Star Fleet, after joining the cast of the sci-fi sequel as Dr Carol Marcus - admitted she was put through her paces by director JJ Abrams.

"I was a really awful runner, to the point where it was comedy and JJ and everyone kept making me run, just to laugh," she admitted.

"They kept filming it so I kept running around the Enterprise, thinking it would be used in the film. And when I came back, they would all be laughing at me. Meanwhile, Simon Pegg is some kind of speed runner and it's genetic in his family - his grandfather was some kind of Olympian."

Alice blamed the hidden heels in her footwear for her girly running style.

"They had these hidden heels in the boots. Of course, the men didn't know they were there so they didn't compromise their running," she continued.

"JJ would call out 'Faster', and because I was wearing heels and the floor was squeaky clean, I think I just looked like a girl flailing around. That's the long and short of it."

:: Star Trek Into Darkness is in cinemas now.


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