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Everyone is freaking out that Michael Gove and Ed Balls did Gangnam Style together

“You can’t unsee it.”

Of all the things you thought you’d see this Friday night, Ed Balls and Michael Gove jiving to Gangnam Style in a lift probably wasn’t top of the list.

And yet that’s exactly what happened during The Last Leg’s special two-hour episode marking a year since the death of Labour MP Jo Cox. It was a celebratory event reminding viewers of what unites us rather than divides us, so Gove and Balls met in the “lift of reconciliation.”

Balls is from the Labour Party and Gove represents the Conservatives, so there are definitely a few issues they would clash on. However, they seem to have found common ground in the magic of dance in this particular lift.

Well, not everyone is quite feeling the magic.

Some people don’t know how to handle what they’ve just seen.

But their efforts have won them some fans.

Will Gove and Balls have a future in comedy? Perhaps not.

It still made everyone giggle though – even if it was out of sheer awkwardness.