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Explosive Celebrity Big Brother sees Paul Danan threaten to quit after row with ‘bullying’ Jemma

Viewers accused Jemma Lucy of being a bully.

Paul Danan

Former Hollyoaks star Paul Danan had to be held back by his Celebrity Big Brother housemates during a fierce row with Jemma Lucy.

The ex-soap actor clashed with the reality TV star after an argument broke out over comments made by Sandi Bogle in an episode filled with rows, revelations and drama.

With the house transformed into a crime-ridden city for a murder mystery task, housemates have been given new identities and costumes, and must solve the murder to complete the task.


Jemma Lucy

Jemma Lucy

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Jemma Lucy

But in a distraction from the investigation, Danan told US reality TV star Brandi Glanville that Bogle was not a fan of her or Lucy.

Glanville promptly informed Lucy who told Danan “stop acting like his son’s age”.

He warned her not to bring his two-year-old son into the argument and was held back by fellow housemates before telling Big Brother he wanted to leave.

Lucy who has had a number of arguments with her fellow housemates, was accused of bullying by viewers on Twitter who wanted to see producers step in.

@EVE_SDM wrote: “People have been kicked out for silly reasons before yet Jemma is a vile bully and getting away with it.”

@Becks_F1 tweeted: “Jemma is horrible and Brandi is the same. I’m on #TeamPaul too!! It’s Jemma who pushes him! Jemma is a bully.”

@Iamdanieljacey posted: “Jemma can aggressively kick a table and aggressively bully/argue with people, yet it’s always everyone else called to diary room?!”

Other viewers accused Lucy, Danan and US reality star Brandi Glanville of hogging the limelight.

Also clashing in Thursday night’s episode were Bogle and Glanville while Sarah Harding was upset by comments the latter made about her relationship with Chad Johnson.