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Faithfull: Biopic must be accurate

Marianne Faithfull has revealed she isn't planning to go and see a film about her life when it is released.

The sixties icon has approved the script for a new biopic, but remained tight-lipped about who was making it - and who would take the lead role.

"I wouldn't go and see it, no, because it's not my life. It's an hour and a half of something else really," she said.

"I've done what I will do. I've looked at the script and I've taken out inaccuracies and approved it. That's all I'll do. I don't want to be any more involved than that."

After surviving a descent into drug addiction and homelessness as a young star, Marianne went on to produce numerous albums and has just released her 23rd solo record, Horses And High Heels.

The 64-year-old said she hoped the film would be a true reflection of her colourful life.

"It depends on so many, many things and so many variables which could make it really good or could make it really embarrassing," she said.

"It might be great, and I hope it's great."


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