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Fans in tears following emotional Bake Off final

Viewers were touched by the Channel 4 show.

Steph was left in tears during the final (C4/Love Productions/Mark Bourdillon)
Steph was left in tears during the final (C4/Love Productions/Mark Bourdillon)

By Craig Simpson, PA

Fans were left as emotional as the contestants following a tearful finale to The Great British Bake Off.

Steph Blackwell, who was named star baker on numerous occasions, was reduced to tears by her surprising dip in form.

Fans were moved by her sloppy souffles and a showstopper which failed to impress, but earned a hug from Paul Hollywood.

Alice Fevronia was also tearful in the tense final, in which David Atherton ultimately triumphed.

She was upset that her parents might not make it for the big day.

Fans were touched by the tears in the final, and took to Twitter to share their feelings.

One wrote: “This has got to be the least enjoyable bake off final I’ve ever seen…can we make sure we send a therapist home with the losing contestants?? It’s not supposed to be this harrowing.”

Others were shocked at the emotional outbursts on the normally comforting show.

A fan posted: “I am absolutely sobbing at the bake off and don’t fully understand why.”

“Sad to see Steph fall at the final hurdle,” another wrote.

“They built her up every week and she naturally put a lot of pressure on herself.”

Series favourite Steph upset the bookies’ odds by failing to clinch victory, but fans were still supportive.

One posted: “I don’t care who wins bake off because Steph has won my heart.”

Another said: “Only one thing better than a Hollywood handshake, a Hollywood hug.”

David impressed in the technical with his souffles, and delivered a formidable false picnic basket in the showstopper.

One fan wrote: “David well deserved winner in bake off.”



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