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Fans line street as Spectre filmed

The scene was set opposite MI6 as a helicopter blew back the hair of James Bond fans watching the filming of Spectre.

Movie buffs lined the street near Vauxhall Bridge in central London and were able to catch a glimpse of Christoph Waltz, who plays the baddie Franz Oberhauser.

The Bond villain was seen chatting with the movie's director Sam Mendes as they filmed scenes involving a helicopter on the banks of the River Thames, opposite MI6.

Double Oscar-winner Waltz, who was wearing a velvet jacket, appeared to have several dots scattered across his face which might be related to special effects.

Daniel Craig, who stars as the secret agent himself, was not believed to have been on set for this section of filming.

Bond's past looks set to haunt him in the 24th big screen instalment of the spy series, with 007 receiving a cryptic message leading him on a trail to uncover the truth behind shady crime syndicate Spectre, while M fights for the secret service's political life.

Spectre comes after the success of Skyfall, which grossed 1.1 billion dollars (£700 million) worldwide.

It is scheduled for release on November 6.


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