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Faris worried about Yogi return

Anna Faris has admitted she was worried about bringing back Yogi Bear.

The actress plays Rachel in the new film version, in which Dan Aykroyd voices Yogi and singer Justin Timberlake voices Boo Boo.

At the film's LA premiere, she said: "I grew up watching Yogi, my parents watched Yogi, but I didn't know if the younger generation would know who Yogi is."

She went on: "Apparently even if kids don't [know him] they're crazy about him because I have all these little children around me saying how much they love Yogi and Boo Boo, especially Boo Boo who is definitely taking it up a notch, he's become Mr Popular."

While the infamous talking bears are computer generated, Anna had to act out her scenes for real playing Ranger Smith's new love interest.

"It was really technical, we had to be very careful about where they were in the frame and apparently I would step on Boo Boo all the time!" she laughed.

"But it was honestly much easier than some co-stars that I've worked with!" the Scary Movie actress joked.


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