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Farmiga kept script away from home

Vera Farmiga has admitted that she couldn't read the script for her latest horror film at home.

The actress, 39, stars in The Conjuring, where she plays a paranormal investigator.

She said: "I read it in fits and spurts, because it brought on overwhelming feelings: terror, awe, shock.

"I didn't ever want to read the script at home. I figured the safest thing for me would be to read it somewhere else during the day."

She said of the film, based on the accounts of real-life couple Ed and Lorraine Warren: "This was an interesting psychic space to explore. Even though it put me in a cold sweat and panic, I had the compelling need to investigate this story."

Vera also told how she found strange marks on her body - just like a character in the film. In one scene, Carolyn Perron, played by Lili Taylor, discovers three claw-like grazes on her body.

Vera, 39, said that she found similar marks on her own body before she even began filming her role.

Pointing at a picture on her camera phone, she said: "That's my thigh. I had a bruise on my leg, and I do bruise easily, but not in claws."

The actress said of another spooky coincidence: "I'd just done hours of research about Lorraine and I opened my computer and there were the same scratches across my screen.

"I don't know how to explain it. I do know I hadn't dropped the computer, my children hadn't stepped on it, so I gingerly closed it, put it away and then my brain went berserk."

:: The Conjuring is in cinemas now.


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