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Farrell: Julie film was 'ruining'

Colin Farrell has admitted making his upcoming film Miss Julie was "the toughest time I've had in 15 years".

The Irish heartthrob stars in the big screen adaptation of the 19th-century Scandinavian play alongside Jessica Chastain, playing a footman who has a dark affair with the daughter of a Count.

And he confessed the subject matter - which includes themes of class and power - was tough for the cast.

"We all loved it but it was emotionally and physically ruining in a way," he said.

"Just the subject matter and the incessant and mutual cruelty that's expressed by these characters and the conveyance of power from one to another, back and forth.

"It's very bleak and the first time I've done something where there's no light at all, but I'd do it all over again."

The movie was shot in Northern Ireland, with much of the story set in one room.

Colin, previously better known for action roles, said: "It was an amazing exercise in creative exploration in its purest form.

"But there was part of me that went, 'Jesus, give me back a gun!'."

The actor's latest film, A New York Winter's Tale, is in cinemas now.


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