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Farrell wasn't a fan of Poppins


Colin Farrell stars in Saving Mr Banks

Colin Farrell stars in Saving Mr Banks

Colin Farrell stars in Saving Mr Banks

Colin Farrell has admitted that he wasn't a big fan of the original Mary Poppins film - despite starring in a movie about how it was made.

The Irish star plays the troubled father of Mary Poppins' author Pamela Lyndon (PL) Travers in Saving Mr Banks, which tells the story of the making behind Disney's Mary Poppins.

Colin admitted he wasn't a big fan of the 1964 film, saying: "So many people are, but I don't know whether I was exposed to it a year too late or what.

"I was more for Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. That was my fix, my drug of choice," he said.

Colin said that Kelly Marcel's script attracted him to the film, starring Tom Hanks as Walt Disney.

"What drew me in is that it was really good. It's that simple. The whole story was so moving and... when I put it down, I was deeply moved by it," he said.

"It was all there on the page. I didn't need to do much."

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He said that the old adage that you shouldn't work with children or animals didn't prove true in his case.

Australian actress Annie Rose Buckley, who was 11 when the film was shot, portrays the younger version of the writer while Emma Thompson is the adult Pamela.

"You should always work with kids because the days are short - seven to eight hours and then they have to be wrapped. Weaklings! They can't handle a 12-hour day," he quipped.

The 37-year-old added: "I've had a great time working with both kids and animals over the years. I've worked with some fine trusty steeds and some really cool children like Annie."

Saving Mr Banks opens in cinemas on November 29.

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