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Fashion guru Susannah Constantine had some requirements for Strictly launch look

The stylish star said she knows what suits her.

Susannah Constantine at the launch of Strictly Come Dancing (PA)
Susannah Constantine at the launch of Strictly Come Dancing (PA)

Susannah Constantine has revealed she had a few demands when it came to her outfit for the Strictly Come Dancing launch.

The What Not To Wear star, 56, looked dazzling in a peach, fringed dress at the glitzy event at the BBC.

Susannah Constantine and Lee Ryan at the launch of Strictly (Ian West/PA)

Explaining how her costume was chosen, she said: “I did say, OK, I want to keep my arms covered because I’ve got real old chicken wings, you know that bit of skin there that’s slightly flabby?

“So that was very important to me.

“And I didn’t want anything high necked because otherwise my head would look like it was growing out of my boobs.”

The star said there were things she would not be seen in.

Asked if she was open to wearing anything, she replied: “No, I’m not open to anything… what Ashley (Roberts) is wearing, forget it!

“I’m very happy to be kind of matronly a little bit, but colourful.”

Ashley Roberts at the launch (Ian West/PA)

Constantine said the people in the Strictly wardrobe department were “extraordinary”.

“They know exactly what they are doing,” she said. “So much is taken into consideration. You’ve got to be able to move, things can’t slip, things can’t ride up, it’s got to move with your body.

“I think that fashion designers should take a lot of tips from the way Strictly clothes are made.

“They really are incredible and I’m hoping to take a few back home with me!”

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