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Fassbender had no fear of sex role

Michael Fassbender was "fearless" in his role as a sex addict in Shame, co-star Carey Mulligan has said.

The actor, 34, has been tipped for an Oscar nomination for his role as New Yorker Brandon in the film, directed by Steve McQueen, while Carey stars as his sister.

She defended the film's graphic content, telling GQ magazine: "The minute you want to talk about sex seriously it makes people very uncomfortable.

"(Michael) has no insecurity, or if he does, he hides it away somewhere where you can't see it... he is utterly fearless."

A Dangerous Method star Michael said he tried "not to think about" his Oscar chances.

He defended stripping off for the role, saying: "You know, like a guy is naked ... and it's a big deal. Women are always parading around naked in films."

Michael said of his controversial role: "(Brandon's) drug is sex. So it's a physical urge. It's a physical necessity to get a fix."


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