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Fassbender jokes about nude scenes

Michael Fassbender has joked he doesn't enjoy taking his clothes off, he just happens to choose roles where it is required

The actor plays a sex addict in Steve McQueen's acclaimed film Shame, and joked it was the director - who he also worked with on Hunger - who kept putting him in such an exposed position on screen.

Michael said: "Do I like to take my clothes off? Not really. Not particularly. That's Steve's deal. You gotta ask him why he keeps asking me to take my clothes off! Maybe there's something in that..."

The 34-year-old Irish actor - who appeared in four films released this year - revealed he is taking time off in the run-up to Christmas and has been enjoying doing nothing.

But Michael also revealed he is getting more into film production and has been working with writers on films he would like to appear in.

He said: "I'm trying to work with writers more and develop scripts, which I've never done, so I'm sort of fuelling off that at the moment.

"What I like is that environment where there's a lot of people coming together to get towards the end goal."


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