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Fast stars remember Paul Walker


Vin Diesel got emotional as he remembered his co-star Paul Walker

Vin Diesel got emotional as he remembered his co-star Paul Walker

Vin Diesel got emotional as he remembered his co-star Paul Walker

Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and the other stars of Fast And Furious 7 have revealed how they helped each other through Paul Walker's death.

Paul, 40, died midway through filming on the movie in November last year in a car crash in California.

The Fast And Furious 7 cast gathered at Universal Studios in Hollywood for the unveiling of the trailer for the seventh and final film in the hit franchise, which has been going for 13 years.

Vin choked back tears as he told the crowd: "When you watch our movie, all the differences of skin tone and language go out the window. All you see is family and that started with the brotherhood of Dom and Brian and it has extended to Fast And Furious 7, where, when you think of family, you think of Fast And Furious.

"And it's touching because, you know, again, we lost such a special person, a special angel. That was the beginning of that and allowed for us to have this multicultural brotherhood and family."

Co-star Tyrese Gibson recalled: "Even when that moment happened, of us losing our family and Paul, we all have significant others... or not, we all have our own immediate circle of family and friends and loved ones, but they didn't know Paul the way we knew Paul.

"So if it wasn't for us meeting up, talking, having those conversations... I mean, me and Michelle [were] hanging for like four or five days straight until I [saw] her smile again," he added. "I was at Vin's house, I did everything I could possibly do, you know, Jordana [Brewster] was out of town a lot [filming Dallas]... we did whatever we had to do as a family to like, rebuild each other and have the conversation that only we could have, to help us to get through that very rough patch."

The trailer premiere of Fast And Furious 7 was hosted by Terrence Jenkins and Maria Menounos and Vin, Michelle and Tyrese were joined by Ludacris and Jason Statham, who plays the new villain. Dwayne Johnson, who reprises his role as Hobbs, was not present.