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Felicity Jones: I took Wilde home

Felicity Jones has said she felt taken over by her character of Jane Wilde, Stephen Hawking's wife in The Theory Of Everything.

The Invisible Woman star appears opposite Eddie Redmayne as the award-winning physicist - who made enormous scientific discoveries while suffering from ALS - in a film about the relationship between Hawking and his ex-wife, who he met at Cambridge university.

Felicity said: "It was one of those projects where you really take it home with you and you become those characters. I was just in awe of how this couple adapted."

The Theory Of Everything is based on Jane Wilde Hawking's memoir, Travelling To Infinity: My Life With Stephen.

"That's what drew me to the project," said Felicity.

"The film explores this woman not only being a caregiver and a mother, but also having her own academic identity, her own career desires, yet also at the same time having a sexual identity. And I felt like there was something revolutionary in this."

And comparing it to her role as Charles Dickens' lover in The Invisible Woman, Felicity said: "What I love is that these films both explore female lives that you don't always see in films. I love that this is balanced between understanding Stephen Hawking, this incredible icon, but also at the same time seeing the domestic side of this person's life and the personal side. Those stories are as valuable as the stories of fame and success."


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