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Felicity Jones' piano practice

Felicity Jones has revealed she had to put in hours of practising the piano and studying concert pianists for her role in new film Breathe In.

The Chalet Girl star plays a gifted young British exchange student who goes to stay with a family in New York and ends up having an affair with the father, a cello player and music teacher, played by Guy Pearce.

Felicity's character Sophie gives some astounding piano recitals in the film. She revealed: "I had an amazing coach who taught me the basics and a lot of it was trying to understand the posture and the way of being if you're the pianist.

"I would do the more simple pieces and she did the much harder ones and it was a lot of her skill and a little bit of my skill.

"The main thing was understanding how important technique is, listening to a lot of people playing the same piece and understanding how much of themselves they bring to the piece."

The 29-year-old actress admitted working with 45-year-old Guy was very intense, but he put her at ease for the love scenes they filmed together.

Felicity said: "I feel like we had a similar approach, in that you do everything you can do to make the person believable to yourself, and then you won't feel like you're being fake when you're on set. The work is the focus and he is completely committed to making it as good as it can be.

"Luckily those scenes we did towards the end of the shoot, so you sort of feel your character's a part of you, you don't feel that same self consciousness.

"If we just had to jump in and do it on the first day it would have been disastrous and you would feel self-conscious and start laughing. But because we had got to know each other and felt comfortable, you don't feel inhibited."

::Breathe In opens the Edinburgh International Film Festival this week, and is released in cinemas on Friday July 19, 2013.


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