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Fiennes visible at film screening

Ralph Fiennes has attended the London Film Festival with the premiere of The Invisible Woman.

The actor stars in and directs the film based on the real-life story of Charles Dickens' affair with a much younger woman towards the end of his life.

Ralph, who plays Charles Dickens, said of the role: "It's thrilling. It's no good being intimidated to the point that you can't function.

"He was a fantastically complicated, brilliant man. He had amazing energy so even when I got the early draft I could see the part was great."

The story follows the writer as he meets and falls in love with Nelly Ternan, played by Felicity Jones, and tells how it impacts on his marriage, which includes Dickens writing a letter to a national newspaper to announce that he is leaving his wife.

Ralph admitted that at first he had been reluctant to both star in and direct the film, and had been planning to stay behind the camera as the director but was eventually won over for both roles.

He said: "Initially I didn't want to do both things because it was so challenging but as I worked on it, I couldn't help in the end saying, 'OK, I'm in, I'll play it.' I couldn't say no."

Also at the premiere in London's Leicester Square were Tom Hollander who plays writer Wilkie Collins, The Thick Of It's Joanna Scanlan who plays Dickens' wife, and Claire Tomalin who wrote the book the film is based on.

However, Felicity lived up to her billing as The Invisible Woman as she was out of town with other filming commitments.

The Invisible Woman is released in cinemas on February 7, 2014.


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