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Fifty Shades Of Grey casting: Ballymena's real life Christian Grey hails Jamie Dornan's spanking new role


The real-life Christian Grey has given Co Down actor Jamie Dornan the seal of approval as he prepares to take on the lead role in the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie.

The Ballymena barman – whose name was Gary Crawford until he changed it by deed poll last September – says the handsome model-turned-actor will be great in the film, which is based on the raunchy smash hit sado-masochistic novels by EL James.

Last night Christian told the Belfast Telegraph that if Jamie needed any help with his lines or if movie producers needed anyone for a cameo, he's their man.

"Jamie is very handsome," Christian said.

"I recognise him from The Fall.

"I think it's really good they have cast him for the film. It's good for him and for Northern Ireland.

"He is less well-known than some other actors, so he can make the character his own.

"If EL James is looking to cast any cameo roles I'm happy to make an appearance, or I could help Jamie out with his lines."

Christian had to change his name on his identification badge at work due to the attention from hordes of female customers, which is wasted on him, as he's gay.

The 23-year-old is currently single, but says his name is a fun talking point when he meets a new guy.

"I don't know if it's my name or that I'm getting better looking, but it definitely has helped," he added.

"I see the funny side of it, it's a bit of craic."

Christian doesn't respond to the name Gary other than when his beloved grandmother uses it.

"I've got really used to it," he said.

"Granny is sticking to Gary, but other than to her, I don't respond. If people shout Gary I can't hear it any more. It's funny, but true."

Christian wasn't a big fan of the EL James books before he changed his name, but feels a sense of duty to read all of the trilogy as he has adopted the lead character's name.

And he says he's looking forward to seeing the film.

"The plot develops throughout the books, I'm nearly finished the third one," he said.

"I wish Jamie well in the movie – I'm sure he will do a great job as Christian Grey."

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