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Film classics brighten up dark winter days in Limavady

By Donna Deeney

As the cold dark winter evenings descend the Roe Valley Arts and Cultural Centre in Limavady has hit upon a novel way to while away the hours.

Beginning this week, a series of afternoon movies from a bygone era will be shown on the big screen.

Comic legends Laurel and Hardy kick off the screenings with a compilation of hits including Soup to Nuts, Wrong Again and Putting the Pants on Philip.

Also on the agenda for the big screen is the heart-warming and hilarious Sullivan’s Travels, the 1941 classic which combines laugh-out-loud humour, drama and old-time Hollywood glamour.

It stars Joel McCrea as the spoilt film-maker John Sullivan, who tasks himself with travelling cross country as a hobo to discover the real America. On-screen romance is provided by the stunning Veronica Lake in one of her most famous cinematic roles.

In the run-up to Christmas audiences will get the opportunity to see Frank Capra's classic masterpiece It’s a Wonderful Life.

Desima Connolly, arts & cultural services officer at the Cultural Centre, said the idea for a ‘rainy afternoon’ series of films came from her own childhood memories of watching old movies curled up in front of a warm fire.

“I think so many people like nothing better than being able to watch a good film rather than have to struggle around the shops on a wet Saturday afternoon and what better than a Hollywood classic, so that is really where the idea came from,” she said.

“This will allow older people to revisit old favourites like Laurel and Hardy and It’s a Wonderful Life, but it also gives today's generation a chance to see these wonderful movies from a bygone age.

“It is incredible to think there are so many young people who have never seen a black and white film or who are not familiar with some of the classics which were regularly released from Hollywood but we hope to change that.

“Just in time to warm the cockles of your heart for Christmas, we also have the all-time favourite of It’s a Wonderful Life, which is screened on December 1.

“This life-affirming classic is just the ticket for a rainy December afternoon and to get people prepared for Christmas.”

The Rainy Afternoon Films begins on Saturday with the Laurel and Hardy compilation at 12 noon. Admission is £3.

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