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Film means more to dad Schwimmer

David Schwimmer has admitted becoming a father gave his new film Trust more resonance.

The 44-year-old former Friends star - who welcomed daughter Chloe with wife Zoe Buckman in May - directed the Clive Owen movie, about a couple who learn their child has been groomed online.

David said: "I have a feeling it has a lot more resonance because I never experienced until I held my daughter for the first time that feeling of complete responsibility for her wellbeing and safety. This absolute innocence.

"And that was really resonant. It did make me think that, 'Wow, Clive did a good job'. Because he is a father of two girls and he was doing some work on screen that is remarkable and it did make think, 'When I see this film again with my daughter in 14 years or whatever it's going to be interesting.'"

The star came to make the film after working as a director of the Rape Treatment Centre in Santa Monica for several years.

:: Trust is released in cinemas on Friday July 8


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