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Find out what the number one film was on the day you were born and watch its trailer

Ever wonder what movie everyone was settling down to watch the day your mother forced you kicking and screaming into this world? Probably not, but it’s kind of interesting to find out nonetheless. has set up a tool that allows you to input your birth date before scraping the charts and finding the name of the film that was top of the US box office, the price of admission for it and the trailer.

There are some pretty odd, forgotten chart-toppers out there, and some incredibly cheesy trailers to go with them.

In some cases, the movie might also tell you a little about your identity.

“1980 - My name is Luke and I got Empire Strikes Back... my parents say I was named after the Bible…” one Reddit user wrote.

The same terrifying realisation awaits any Elsas being born now (Frozen) or toddlers named Bella (probably a reference to Twilight).


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