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First Channel 4 Great British Bake Off trailer divides fans

The Great British Bake Off trailer is here – and there are singing cakes.

Great British Bake Off fans have been left divided by the show’s first trailer since moving to Channel 4.

The famous baking tent is nowhere to be seen, but croissants, doughnuts, loaves, tarts, eclairs and colourful cakes are all on mouth-watering display in the video.

Fans of the much-loved programme are eagerly waiting to see how Channel 4 has changed the show and appeared split in their opinion of the first trailer.

Marie Anthony dubbed the trailer “creepy” adding: “Will be watching the new series but it won’t be the same with all new changes.”

Due to the nature of the quirky video – which features an assortment of pastries, some with faces, singing Paul McCartney and the Frog Chorus’s We All Stand Together – fans claimed new co-host Noel Fielding was already having an influence.

Lee Clifford posted: “Did Noel Fielding create this advert? Looks like something from mighty boosh.”

Another fan wrote: “That trailer is like Noel Fielding dropped acid and was given a pack of crayons and some paper. Literally the worst thing.”

But others were a little more impressed.

Emmy Griffiths wrote on Twitter: “i like the trailer. i like it and i’m going to like #GBBO on C4 without mary berry even if it KILLS ME BECAUSE I NEED BAKE OFF IN MY LIFE.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “I can’t be the only person that likes it. I mean, cake and a Paul McCartney song, what’s not to like.”

Jessica Rayner posted: “I wanted to hate it but finding it really hard not to be won over by singing croissants.”

Carla Luxford wrote: “Excellent start! Love the ad and the song.”

Channel 4 paid a reported £75 million for three years of the hit show, which scored 15 million viewers on the BBC.


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