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First look at William and Kate film

A trailer for the forthcoming film about Prince William and Kate Middleton's romance has been released.

The film reel shows brief scenes depicting the couple at various stages in their relationship.

Actress Camilla Luddington stars as Miss Middleton in the television film made by US TV network Lifetime.

Playing opposite her is New Zealand-born actor Nico Evers-Swindell as the prince.

In the footage, Camilla's character, talking about William, tells a friend "He's just a guy", and gets the reply "He's just a guy who happens to be the future king of England".

The prince and his girlfriend are also shown walking with their arms around each other.

In another short clip, Nico's character says "I just want to keep our relationship private" as footage of the couple walking past crowds is shown.

Out of character, Camilla says: "Lifetime viewers are going to get a great love story."

At one stage, the couple are depicted lying in bed but the director has spared viewers' blushes as the prince is wearing a T-shirt and his girlfriend has a vest-style top on.

The film William And Kate is expected to be broadcast on the Lifetime channel on April 18.


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