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Fisher injured twice on film set

Isla Fisher has said she's not sure she's tough enough to play a heroine in an action movie.

Now You See Me is the Australian star's first action movie and she'd like to do more. But the ex-Home And Away actress admitted: "I'm not sure I necessarily have the physical abilities to be an action heroine."

She said: "I am a bit of a tomboy but I injured myself twice on the movie. There was a hysterical moment where I was running in heels and had to jump over this wall. I landed on my knee and ripped the skin off.

"There was blood everywhere and suddenly I hear [the director] Louis's French accent, 'OK, bring in the double'."

Isla added: "A girl comes in wearing identical clothes and my wig, I mean, not my wig, and then she does the stunt."

She already suffered a near-death experience while filming a stunt in a water tank.

"It's actually been exaggerated... I was in the tank and my handcuffs got caught underneath the bottom slats and I was basically drowning," she admitted. "It was the first time I'd been handcuffed underwater, the first time I had a near-death but I was in the tank for three days and I got very relaxed towards the end."

Isla, who has two children with husband Sacha Baron Cohen, said she wasn't handed the best roles on a plate.

The actress, who stars alongside Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson and Dave Franco in the movie said: "Usually, all the jobs you really want, you have to fight for - and beg people to consider you."

:: Now You See Me is in cinemas now.


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