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Flight Of The Conchords film being dreamt up, says Jemaine

The comedy duo have a few ideas “up our sleeves”, the Grammy-award winning musician said.


Jemaine Clement says he has been crafting ideas for a Flight Of The Conchords film with co-star Bret McKenzie.

The Grammy-award winning duo plan to make it quite different to the TV series but Clement assured it would still contain “a couple of idiots” and some music.

Clement, 43, was speaking at the Los Angeles Film Festival premiere of his latest film, Humor Me, on Friday.

Saturday marks the 10-year anniversary of the debut episode of Flight Of The Conchords, which saw the New Zealand duo nominated for seven Emmys over two series.

Clement told the Press Association: “We’ve got a few things up our sleeves.

“We’ve done a little work on some of those ideas.


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“The ideas we have are quite different to the TV show.

“It’s still music, still a couple of idiots and another idiot and some music.”

The next move is to find a studio to fund it, added Clement, who has also acted Steven Spielberg’s The BFG.

In Humor Me, Clement plays a man who has been left by his wife and has to move into a retirement home with his father, played by Hollywood veteran Elliott Gould.

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