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Forecast blooming for Laura Tobin as she reveals baby news live on air

TV viewers were perhaps not expecting the outlook to be so good.

Laura Tobin revealed she is pregnant during her live weather report on Good Morning Britain.

The weather presenter said she will be having her own “little ray of sunshine” in October, surprising the early morning programme’s hosts Susanna Reid, Piers Morgan and Charlotte Hawkins, who were unaware of her news.

Laura said, referring to her floral dress: “As we head into September things will be blooming but it won’t just be my dress, because I’m very pleased to let everybody know that, come the end of October, I’ll be having my own little ray of sunshine.

“I am having a baby.”

She added: “And I would like to say that nobody knows – none of my family, my aunties, uncles, cousins, no-one in the Met Office.

“My parents, my husband’s parents and our editor Neil (know).”

Susanna and Charlotte expressed their delight over her news and Piers said: “You look blooming marvellous Laura and we’re thrilled for you. Great news.

“I can forecast endless sleepless nights but lots of joy.”

Susanna said: “I’ve got a little tear in my eye Laura. I think that’s the best, the best.”

Laura later took to Twitter to share some snaps of her baby bump in her floral frock.

The weather presenter has been married to husband Dean Brown since 2010 and this will be their first child.


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