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Fourth Jurassic Park 'coming soon'

Steven Spielberg has revealed that a fourth Jurassic Park film may only be a few years away.

Spielberg told an audience at the Comic-Con fan convention in San Diego on Friday that he has a story and a screenwriter for the next instalment of his blockbuster franchise about prehistoric reptiles brought into modern times through cloning.

The film-maker directed the first two Jurassic Park adventures but will be overseeing as a producer this time.

He said the film will hopefully come together in the next two or three years.

It was Spielberg's first trip to the Comic-Con event, where the director and his producing partner, Peter Jackson, showed off footage of their action story The Adventures of Tintin.

For fans at Comic-Con, there is no bigger dream team than the two blockbuster film-makers, but Paramount Pictures had kept under wraps that Jackson would join Spielberg for a panel offering a preview of the film.

The Adventures of Tintin is due to be released in later this year.


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