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Foxx: Hard missing time with family

Jamie Foxx has admitted he can relate to his Annie character's struggle to balance life and work.

The Oscar-winning actor plays workaholic tycoon and mayoral candidate Will Stacks in the musical reboot of the 1982 film, who finds that orphan Annie (Quvenzhane Wallis) tugs at his heartstrings.

As an A-list star with a demanding work schedule, father-of-two Jamie, 47, revealed he could understand some of what his character feels.

He said: "It's the family. I think my oldest daughter [Corinne, now working as a model], it was tougher for her. All through my 20s, I just had to work all the time in order to stay afloat.

"But with my youngest daughter [Annalise, six], it's easier. She's able to come and hang out on set.

"That's the main thing you worry about, missing time with your family."

Jamie's co-star Cameron Diaz, who plays Miss Hannigan in the musical movie, agreed that it can be tough to get the balance right.

"It's so consuming; there are 12-hour days minimum, and you're [working] five days, sometimes six days a week and months at a time, and all other parts of your life can suffer and fall off a bit, so you can't really do all of it at once," said the actress.

"Definitely, there are times in my life when I'm like, 'Wow'. Last year was one of them - I did three movies back to back."

:: Annie is in cinemas now.


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