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Franco, Redford reveal inspiration

James Franco has revealed where he gets his inspiration from - pop artist Andy Warhol.

The 127 Hours and This Is The End star, 36, has dabbled in fiction writing as well as directing while making a name for himself on screen.

Mail Online reported that he told Esquire magazine: "I look at Andy Warhol, who did film, he painted, he did photography, he produced music - to me that is a model where I can just say, 'Yeah, why not?'."

Meanwhile, Hollywood veteran Redford, 77, told the mag that he had "a n erratic, rough childhood" but that his mother believed in him.

"I've always been a chance taker. I think that not taking a risk is a risk. And most people were critical of that. She wasn't," he said.

Guardians Of The Galaxy star Chris Pratt, 35, also spoke to the October edition of the magazine, which interviewed 50 men about the people who helped guide them towards success.

"I learned more from sports about how to handle myself in Hollywood than I ever did doing plays," he revealed.


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