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Franco seeks funding for Palo Alto

James Franco has launched a campaign to find funding for his planned Palo Alto film trilogy.

The 127 Hours star is looking to raise around 500,000 US dollars via crowd-funding website Indiegogo so he can make three films about teenage life in his Californian hometown, adapted from his own book of short stories of the same name, reported Deadline.

"Because of who I am, people often believe that it is easy to find investors and distributors for my films. Unfortunately, things aren't that easy," he wrote on the campaign's page.

"More times than not, I have put in my own money to produce my films and my students' films. However, this time it's different; we need more funding. I will still fund part of it, but I need your help; filming three feature films back-to-back requires more funding than I can give."

James is considering up-and-coming filmmakers Nina Ljeti, Vladimir Bourdeau, Bruce Thierry Cheung, and Gabriel Demestree to direct the films. He aims to start shooting in August in time to make the festival circuit in search of distribution.

"We need a little bit more help. I'm putting money into these projects because I believe in them and I believe in these filmmakers. These stories are very important to me and very personal," the 35-year-old said in an accompanying video.

"I find that this process is very exciting and is the best way to make movies because in this way, the movies we want to make get made in the ways we want to make them," he added.

Donation rewards range from behind-the-scene updates and a shooting script for 10 US dollars, to a personalised video from the actor (300 US dollars) to an appearance in the film (5,000 US dollars). Profits from the movies go to charity Art of Elysium.


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