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Franco: Vacations won't stop me

James Franco has said there's no point in him going on holiday because he would just end up working.

The actor - who teaches film classes at New York University - currently has 12 movie projects in the pipeline, not to mention several TV appearances. He's also set to publish his first novel.

Asked if he ever takes time off, James said: "We all have to take some time off. But I'm in a fortunate position where what I do as a profession is what I love. So I don't need vacations or release from it in the way that I would if I didn't like my job.

"It's what I love, so if I went on vacation then I'd probably just want to do more of what I do every day."

As well as acting and writing, the 35-year-old is also an artist, a director, a model and a comedian.

He said: "Sometimes just the attempt to do something is the most important, and the final product is not always the primary [motive].

"There's a lot of value in exploration and engagement, and sometimes it's more important than a polished final product."

Asked if he is ever afraid of failing he said: "I'm sure I am, but I usually try not to let that fear determine anything that I believe in."


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