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Fraser lands Nut Job cartoon role

Brendan Fraser and Will Arnett are joining Katherine Heigl for the animated movie The Nut Job.

The stars are lending their voices to the cartoon, which Peter Lepeniotis will direct based on his 2005 short film Surly Squirrel, Deadline reports.

The action comedy is set in the late 1950s in fictional Oakton and follows squirrel Surly and his rat friend Buddy as they plot a heist on a nut store.

Thomas Chapman, vice-president of Canadian-based ToonBox Entertainment, said: "We couldn't be more pleased with the cast that's being assembled for our first feature.

"They have brought the film to a whole new level. Each voice is perfect for their respective roles, and they truly make the characters come alive."

The movie is expected to be released next year.


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