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Fraser learned from Bugs Bunny

Brendan Fraser has claimed he learned everything he needed to know about acting from watching cartoons.

The Mummy star said he was pleased to be voicing a character in animated space adventure Escape From Planet Earth because he felt he owed much of his acting skill to films like it.

He explained: "I grew up watching cartoons and they were deeply influential. Warner Bros films probably taught me everything I needed to know about acting.

"If I wrote a thesis paper on it, anything you need to know... guess what, it's not from Shakespeare. It's Bugs and Daffy."

Brendan said he wanted to do Escape From Planet Earth because: "I knew that my kids would like a movie like this and there was my selfish agenda of having bragging rights to be able to say, 'I was in it!' That may have factored into it. Of course they still think that I'm just a big old nerd anyway, which is fine."

He added: "If I go down the checklist of things to do in life professionally: biopic, check; adventure, romance, horror flick, check; comedy, check; thoughtful independent film, check; animated film for kids, check... documentary. Maybe that's where I've got to head next."

The 45-year-old also said he thought he was perfect for his role as Scorch Supernova, a brave but not-too-brainy astronaut who relies on his nerdy brother for guidance.

"I grew up with brothers, I went to boarding school. I know about the dynamic of the brain and brawn guys - gee, I'm not going to say which one I identify with. A little of each to tell you the truth...

"I think the acorn didn't fall too far from the tree when they cast me in this. They were looking for a guy who's slightly over confident, thinks he's indestructible, is well meaning, is only here to help, and yeah he can get the job done - he might break some stuff along the way - but he'll turn in a good result."

Escape From Planet Earth is in cinemas now.


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