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Freeman and Bullock for Djibouti?

Morgan Freeman and Sandra Bullock could be starring in the Elmore Leonard adaptation Djibouti, the author has revealed.

Veteran crime writer Leonard discussed the potential line-up at the launch of the second TV series of Justified, on which he is executive producer.

"Morgan Freeman likes it a lot, in fact I even thought of him as I was writing it," Leonard said.

He went on: "Morgan Freeman wants Sandra Bullock, and Graham Yost who writes [Justified] did a Sandra Bullock movie [Speed]. And he doesn't think that will help him any but I think if we want him he'll be the screenwriter, because I don't want to do it."

Samuel L Jackson was also offered a part in the film, which is set in the world of Somali pirates, Leonard said, but the actor has his eyes on another similar role.

"I sent it to Samuel L Jackson and he called me up and he said, 'I'm not the star of this' and I said, 'Yes you are, you don't look like the star of it but you've got all the lines so you'll be the star' but he wanted to play some other story that was set in East Africa."

Other films based on Leonard's writing include Jackie Brown, Get Shorty and Be Cool, although Leonard said he's "disowned" the latter.

:: Justified begins on April 20 on 5USA.


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