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Frost sees potential for Paul 2

Nick Frost has opened up the possibility of a Paul sequel, and potentially more.

The buddy road trip movie stars the actor-writer and good friend Simon Pegg as mates who go on the run with an alien named Paul, voiced by Seth Rogen.

Nick told The Playlist: "As soon as we can, we're writing - we have a bunch of ideas, not least of all for Pauls eventually.

"If people want it and we can find a good story there and Greg (Mottola, director) fancies it, then potentially we have something."

The 38-year-old also hinted at two forthcoming Frost-Pegg collaborations, without going into detail.

"We got another idea, ideas. Simon and I have two more projects in the pipeline at this point," he continued.

"Simon and Edgar (Wright) are going to try and get together later this year and do the third in the Blood And Ice Cream trilogy which we will hopefully shoot next year."


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