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Gad not The Thing in Fantastic Four

Josh Gad will not be playing The Thing in The Fantastic Four reboot, director Josh Trank has revealed.

The filmmaker has denied rumours that the Frozen star would be taking on the role.

"First I'm hearing of this... it's not true," he tweeted.

Speculation that Josh - who has appeared in Jobs and The Internship, as well as his scene-stealing turn as Olaf the snowman in Disney's Frozen - is in talks to play Ben Grimm and his superhero alter-ego The Thing was first reported on, who claimed to have insider knowledge.

The Fantastic Four's screenwriter Jeremy Slater added fire to the rumours when he tweeted: " No idea if it's true or not, but I kinda like the Josh Gad casting rumour!

" My argument has always been that Ben is the closest thing Marvel has to a Pixar character. You need an expressive, loveable voice. And *any* actor you cast is going to have his voice digitally lowered and modulated to match the character. So why not go for pure talent?"

He added: "Anyway. Ben's my favourite character I've ever written. Gad is awesome and would kill it. Hope it's true."

Kit Harington, Miles Teller and Richard Madden are among the names rumoured to play Reed Richards/Mr Fantastic (previously played by Ioan Gruffudd), while Kate Mara and Saoirse Ronan are reportedly up for the role of Sue Storm/Invisible Woman, formerly portrayed by Jessica Alba.

Michael B Jordan has been linked to the role of Johnny Storm/The Human Torch.

The reboot is expected to start shooting in March, for a release in summer 2015.


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