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Gadot starts Wonder Woman work out

Gal Gadot has revealed she has begun an intense training regime for the role of Wonder Woman in the new Batman Vs Superman movie.

The Fast And Furious star will appear alongside Ben Aflleck and Henry Cavill in the as-yet-untitled superhero flick, and producers have promised Wonder Woman will fight just as hard as her male counterparts.

The Israeli-born actress has spoken for the first time since being cast to Hebrew-language entertainment show Good Evening With Gai Pines, and a translation has been posted on fansite Batman News.

Gal said she had just started "the physical preparations" and went on to describe, "a very serious training regimen - Kung Fu, kickboxing, swords, Jujutsu, Brazilian... a 1,000-and-one things. I'll gain body mass," the Israeli actress told the Hebrew-language entertainment show Good Evening With Gai Pines, per a translation posted on Batman News.

The 28-year-old model and former beauty queen served two years in the Israeli army, a mandatory term of service for men and women born in the country.

Gal said: "I represent the Wonder Woman of the new world. Breasts...anyone can buy for 9,000 shekels and everything is fine. By the way, Wonder Woman is Amazonian, and historically accurate Amazonian women actually had only one breast. So, if I'd really go 'by the book'... it'd be problematic."

She also revealed how her agent told her she had got the role while on a flight from Israel to New York, and how she fought to hide her excitement.

"I'm saying to her 'Are you serious?!' and we both scream!" Gal revealed. "Now, it's a plane from Israel to New York and I can't make a loud noise, and so I lean on a window, bending down to my legs, and just try to understand. Long story short, I was totally alone in New York, I got to a hotel at 12pm, I needed to wake up in the morning for a shoot. I remember lying in the darkness by myself, staring at the ceiling, and I was telling myself, 'It's not real!'

"It shouldn't be like that, I'm supposed to be like, 'Where's the champagne?'."


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