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Game Of Thrones Belfast exhibition tickets snapped up in two hours

Game of Thrones
King Joffrey and his smirk of contempt
Game of Thrones King Joffrey and his smirk of contempt
Game of Thrones Arya remains under the watch of the The Hound HBO
Game of Thrones Jaime and Cersai in heated discussions HBO
Game of Thrones Daenerys and Missandei survey the troops HBO
Game of Thrones Oberyn with Ellaria, mother of the four youngest Sand Snakes HBO
Game of Thrones Tyrion and Shae have words HBO
The battle for the wall: Jon Snow (Kit Harington) continues to fight the Wildlings in the Game of Thrones Season 4
Game of Thrones Sansa and Tyrion have a heart-to-heart HBO
Game of Thrones The Hound strides the fields in heavy armour HBO
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Game of Thrones Sam, a steward of the Night's Watch HBO
Game of Thrones Margaery and Olenna in the courtyard HBO

By Amanda Ferguson

A staggering 11,000 tickets for HBO's Game Of Thrones exhibition in Belfast next month have been snapped up in just over two hours.

Demand was so high that many fans were left disappointed.

The hotly anticipated display about the globally successful fantasy series, filmed across Northern Ireland, runs at the Waterfront Hall from June 11-15.

A spokesman for the Waterfront said demand was massive for the free tickets, which became available from 9am yesterday, and were all gone by 11.15am.

Fans of the fantasy drama, keen to be transported to the enchanted world of Westeros and get their photograph taken on the Iron Throne, booked online and through the Waterfront box office.

This will be the second time the exhibition exploring the cult series has come to Belfast.

It will feature new installations, showcasing a collection of nearly 100 original artefacts from pivotal scenes in seasons one, two and three, plus select pieces from the fourth season which premiered last month.

Organisers said the exhibition would offer a fresh perspective on the show, focusing on key places, characters and relationships.

While thousands were delighted to get tickets, many were not so lucky. One woman from Kerry said she was "sickened" not to get her hands on any, while another fan in England took to Twitter to vent her frustration.

"Not good," she wrote. "Queued for two hours on web, soon as I refreshed it went through but sold out!! Already booked flight and hotel!"

Avril Kinnerk, from Cork, said: "I was online from 9am waiting patiently and didn't get tickets. Saw on Twitter someone else did who queued at 10am. Devastated."

But among the lucky Game Of Thrones fans to get tickets was Niall Kelly from Belfast.

"It took an hour-and-a-half online and many pointless phone calls but got them in the end," he said.

Marie-Therese O'Neill of the Northern Ireland Tourist Board said: "Game Of Thrones has been hugely successful for HBO but also for Northern Ireland as our stunning mountains, forests, lakes and countryside are now familiar to millions of people around the world."

For information, visit www.gotex

What Game Of Thrones fans can expect

  • Costumes, props, armour and weapons. The collection includes a magnificent costume display featuring cloaks, dresses and armour; artifacts such as model dragons and eggs; weaponry comprising crossbows, daggers, spears, hatchets and swords; crowns and headdresses; jewellery; books, letters and maps; house banners and storyboards.
  • The Oculus Rift Interactive Experience. Fans will have the opportunity to "climb the wall" by riding an elevator at Castle Black.
  • The Iron Throne. Fit for any king or queen, fans will be able to take their photo on a precise replica of the Iron Throne from the series to post and share on social media sites.

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