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Game Of Thrones role made Gwendoline Christie confront her own appearance

She plays Brienne of Tarth in the acclaimed fantasy series.

Gwendoline Christie at GQ Heroes (GQ/James Mason/PA)
Gwendoline Christie at GQ Heroes (GQ/James Mason/PA)

Game Of Thrones actress Gwendoline Christie has said playing Brienne of Tarth – a warrior known for her height and strength – forced her to confront her own appearance.

The actress, who stands 6ft 2ins, said her starring role in the popular fantasy-drama series offered her a chance to explore how women are defined in society according to their body shape.

Christie debuted in season two, but later became a main cast member as Brienne found herself at the centre of the battle against the undead White Walkers.

Gwendoline Christie (Ian West/PA)

Speaking on the final day of the inaugural GQ Heroes event, Christie said her time on the hit HBO show had made her reconsider how she perceived her flaws.

Asked how it felt for the long-running programme to be coming to an end, the 40-year-old said: “I am so emotional about it. I am grateful. It’s been eight years of employment.

“This part came along and I knew it would force me to confront my androgyny, my physicality, my height, my strength, my inconsistencies in my face and body.

“It made me really question what it means to be a woman, how we are defined in society, and how we’re defined in media and mainstream entertainment.

“It’s been a privilege to play that part. It has been an evolution of self.”

GQ Heroes runs from May 8-10 at Soho Farmhouse, Oxfordshire.

Game Of Thrones’ final episode is scheduled to air in the UK on May 20.



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