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Game of Thrones season 6: Richard E Grant joins the cast

Richard E Grant appears to have joined Game of Thrones season 6 in an undisclosed role.

It has been spotted that the show has been added to his agency CV, though it doesn't elaborate on what character he will play or which episode(s) he will appear in.

The Withnail and I actor will be a great fit for the show though, known for playing witty, erudite and knavish characters - I easily could have imagined him as Jaime Lannister.

Early theories for who he might play include Maester Marwyn and Lord Redwyne, who has been mentioned in passing in Game of Thrones but never seen on screen.

He also fits this casting call that went out recently pretty perfectly:

'Grand Theatre Actor/Manager (55 – 70) The larger-than-life leader of a troupe of actors. He specializes in portraying drunken aristocrats. He is a huge presence on stage and rather nasty to his company when off-stage.'

It's more difficult to speculate on roles now that the TV show is moving away from George R. R. Martin's books, though recent castings and filming locations suggest the Tarlys and Greyjoys will feature more heavily next season.

If HBO confirms his arrival it wouldn't be a huge surprise, with a number of well known British actors having boarded the series recently including Jonathan Pryce and Ian McShane.


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