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Game of Thrones: Watch the cast attempt to recap show in 30 seconds

Given that it has to condense reams of information from George R. R. Martin, HBO's Game of Thrones intricate plot can be a little hard to keep all together in your head in between seasons.

For anyone who has forgotten or is looking to catch-up, Entertainment Weekly asked the cast to sum up the whole show's synopsis in 30 seconds.

"Death, death, death, revenge, death, revenge, death, revenge," Maisie Williams said quite succinctly.

"Blood, death, boobs, blood death boobs….dragons," Emilia Clarke echoed, adding hopefully:  "Daenerys wins?"

Kit Harrington struggled to piece it together, mumbling: "Ned gets killed… dragons get hatched… sex, not necessarily loving… Jon Snow gets progressively more upset."

Put trust Peter Dinklage to come up with the best summary: "Tyrion is a chemistry teacher at a high school, he finds this guy Jesse Pinkman and they get a Winnebago and then they get involved with some fried chicken place."

Game of Thrones will simulcast across 170 countries when it returns on 12 April with season 5.

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