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Garfield: I'd love to do Avengers

Andrew Garfield has admitted starring in the next Avengers film would be "the coolest thing ever".

The actor's eponymous character in The Amazing Spider-Man eventually joins the group of Marvel superheroes on their adventures, but Andrew admitted he hadn't been approached for the Avengers Assemble sequel.

When asked if he'd been in any discussions for the movie, he said: "Only talk amongst me and my pals, because that would be the coolest thing ever.

"I love the Avengers, I loved that movie and it would be an honour to join them and mess around with them."

He added: "It would be awesome."

The British-born actor has been busy touring the world to promote The Amazing Spider-Man with co-star and real-life flame Emma Stone.

"It's a slog and you kind of go, 'Why are we doing so much, they must be so sick of us?' but obviously they've done tests that tell them this is the way to promote a movie," he said.

"But I love this character, so travelling with this character has been what I've held onto throughout the incessant talking about myself."


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